It’s my Birthday and I want to show you my Dream!

BAD! Kitty is dreaming of home.
Well it’s my birthday, and I am getting ready to blow out my birthday candles.
I thought I would share my wish with you all.
The picture above is a favorite of mine,
it’s a picture of the town that I most want to live in… in all of the world.
Where is this magical place, that can call a big city BAD! Kitty to it, you ask?
It’s a little place called Danville, KY.
I will be calling it home, someday soon.
So, as I close my 37 year old eyes, and smile at my beautiful family
I will be wishing and saying a prayer
to my new forever hometown
Danville KY.
I will be thinking of the soft hills, the kind people
and the wonderful life I will create there.
It can not come fast enough for me!
We all have to have dreams, goals, desires in this life to make them come true.
This is one of mine.
May the world be yours today,

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  1. Kathy Holmes
    September 28, 2006

    Happy birthday! And may all your dreams come true.


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