Tuesday and my new Coaching service is READY

Hello everyone…I have been hinting for a few weeks about a New service that I have been working on, and now I am pleased to tell you all…it’s live! Most of you already know that I am not just a painter and writer, but also a Motivational Speaker, Master Clairvoyant, Intuitive Life Coach and Business Consultant…and that my nom de plume is Sybil Ann…well now I have partnered with a great business (you can read all about it below) called Mystical Wonders (Link below and in the header to learn more). I wanted to be able to find a way to be able to make a significant change in the Metaphysical World…no more expensive, just for Profits “psychic” or Life Coaching services. I have many private clients, and currently am in a holding pattern to take anymore on…at least a three day waiting list at this time…but with my sucess, I have also been very aware that many people out there need my services, but can’t afford my prices…so I am all about being the change this world needs to see and feel, so I started looking for a way to make my services more affordable, yet keep the high quality of my work, as it is…the top end of the very best!
And finally I have found a way to do it. I found Mystical Wonders and started talking with the owners…we came up with this great idea, and they have the tools for me to use to get my talents out there, to everyone! Yippee for the change!
So here is the official release of MWILC (Mystical Wonders Intuitive Life Coaching) Headed by no other than myself! I am really pleased with the results and how we were able to reduce the costs of Coaching. Please read more about my newest Venture in the press release below…that just went out to thousands!

Press Release
Announcement of a new Joint Venture between
Mystical Wonders. Org and Sybil Ann Tells-All.com
The Next Generation In Interactive Self-Help Service!

The Mystical Wonders™ Yahoo group was started in June of 2003. This group was the largest & most popular Mystical Discussion Group on the Internet with thousands of members involved in teaching, sharing and learning from one another. The group grew so large that the founders were forced to find a new server and become their own site, to better serve the ever-growing community. Now a complex site, with dozens of active forums and free discussion boards, Mystical wonders is the best place to find what you are looking for in the spiritual, scientific & metaphysical world.
Registration is free.

Sybil Ann Tells-All is a web based Intuitive Life Coaching service, headed by Sybil Ann Truman. She is a gifted Master Clairvoyant, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Fine Artist. She has been working in the field of Intuitive Life Coaching for more than 20 years. She has helped thousands of people around the world find they’re way to better lives; lives that people are proud of living and that are filled with joy. Her standard fee is $125.00 per 60-minute live consultation. She currently has a waiting list for new clients.

The collaboration of the two companies has resulted in a new paid subscription forum service on the Mystical Wonders web site. Sybil Ann will be offering her Intuitive Life Coaching services exclusively to Mystical Wonders members. Sybil Ann will be charging only $100.00 per 7 days of full-time, hands-on Intuitive Life Coaching services. Members will have the ability to ask questions, get answers, and save their consultations for re-reading at later dates. Members will have the option to cancel their services at anytime, and also to continue the coaching service for as long as they feel they need to. It is an exciting new service, that has not been seen anywhere in the coaching or the metaphysical service industry. A unique blend of free education tools and paid subscription services, the new MWILC (Mystical Wonders Intuitive Life Coaching) forum is sure to be a success, both for the inspired companies involved and the public at large. Both companies are committed to being and bringing the change the world needs to see and feel, in order to move into the new millennium with courage, joy and freedom.

Welcome to the next generation in interactive self-help tools, brought to you exclusively by Mystical Wonders.org and Sybil Ann Truman.

Check us out and the great free tools that are already available at:

Thanks for being here today.
Live Well, Be Well,
and Share the Love!
Heather (aka Sybil Ann)
*I’m soooo out of the box now!*

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