Sunday & I have a pretty new blog!

BAD! Kitty
Makes a few
I just wanted a pretty blog again.
I mean the other one was getting on my last nerve
And I wanted to shoot it dead,
so I did.
This one is pretty, and I hope easy for you
to read and enjoy. Why dontcha’ hit the
comment button and tell me what you think? K?
Cool Beans.
I am working on some new artworks,
and trying to get good shots of them to share with you here.
The art sale is going well with art patrons from all over the globe getting their paintings, and sending me notes of happiness and joy.
That is always a good thing.
I also have almost completed my first art book for sale, meaning I have created a collage and writings book, the collages all being one of a kind and laminated…well because this BAD! Kitty has three boys, who love my work… and when I am making a book, they want to see it, along with the drool king Mr. McWiggles and the Tiny BAD! Kitty LuLu, who will not stay off of anything, a grrrls gotta protect the art, while still making it. Laminated collages are really fun to make and they will last forever. I am binding the first edition now. I hope to make several, depending on how well they are liked by my patrons and fans. You never know till you try…Meow!
So, it’s a lazy Sunday, I am supposed to be resting, because I pulled my hip out of place and it hurts to sit down on my sit down spot, but I have to work in some way every day, or some one might get hurt. My mate man tells me it’s like his need to work out every day, it’s how I relax. I do love to work. My work anyway…I am ignoring the hair in the corners, that is quietly weaving itself into a hair carpet, and the dust bunnies have been making babies all over the place…damn bunnies.
But I don’t care, I have a pretty blog, and a reason to lay down and rest now.
So I am off to do just that, and give orders to the small men in the house to clean something, or bring me something, or stop fighting and tell them No! every five minutes…don’t hate my glam lifestyle f0lks,
I just can’t help being so
Love to all,


  1. Blurr
    September 18, 2006

    Love the new layout! It looks very pretty and it’s much more warm feeling. Nice work Heather! 🙂

  2. HMBT
    September 18, 2006

    Thanks Blurr, and the comments work again! yippee!

  3. Blurr
    September 18, 2006

    I was wondering about that, glad to see that too!


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