Monday~ I have Trout Colored Dreams for today~

‘The Wonder of it all’
Collage 2006 by: HMBT
BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day:
“Our life is composed greatly from dreams,
from the unconscious,
and they must be brought into
connection with action.
They must be woven together.”
I did not dream
of monsters,
of temptations
or of desires.
I dreamt of
ideas, like so many
speckled fish
salmon and green
bellies full of eggs
free of the
stream of
onto my dinner plate
of consciousness.
Trout colored dreams.
Inspiration followed me
awake and
is sitting in the corner
waiting for me
to take a
swim, get wet
and leap
into the unknown.
~HuBMle 9/11/06
I have a full schedule today.
So busy, busy, busy…
just like a fish caught in a
fast moving current
I keep swimming upstream.
Have a wonderful day,
P.S. The Etsy Sale continues!
Pssst! Go buy some art.
The sale post is a couple down,
just keep swimming…I mean scrolling.

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