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Quote of the day:

“If the world be shut without,

I’ll sail the hidden seas within.”

~Margaret Prescott Montague


Blood red poppies,

closed tight against

the skies

tears, shed in retrospect

marking the trail

of the path

the weaver began,

before my story was born.

The veil

of tears, this world

my world,

our world, spinning

and changing the story of

breath, blood, bone


the bright red

miscarriages of

the unkown

closed tight to the

mornings dew,

protecting themselves

the pain of knowing


only to open their

hungry throats

for the power of the


that can only





from within

my human


~HuMBle 9/05/06


May the world be yours today,

I am going to make it mine,

I accept that alone I may stand in this world,

solitude is good…

for the art, good for the spirit,

good for the truth to make itself known,

and when that happens for this human being, I find

myself always full of courage,

and determination.

For this is my story

this is my life,

my mistakes,

my truths,

my intellect,

my human soul, it’s all mine, and I share it here.

Through the veil of this world,

this reality may bring me closer to many

it also draws me away from my inner self,

and with the release of formless ego,

I find one-ness with all that is, and all that will be.

I set the pace, I make the music, I write the words,

I feel the pain, I regret chances not taken, I forget the past,

I dwell on the future, I dream impossible dreams, I create this life, because

I have no choice but to continue with what I know…

I am not just me…An ego, a body, a taxable, exploitable


I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

So, I begin this week with something new,

something I thought I had lost in the move,

my spirit, my soul,

stepping out first…

let the human form follow,

my bright red trail…

let the human follow,

my dream trail,

let the human suffer,

while I blaze the path

ahead with willingness




Can you see me?

I am Raw & Radiant,

burning, and sometimes

lost in mystic


and soul-full communion

with the great unfolding of

the Eternal Flow.

Today I accept this understanding.


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  1. pinky
    September 5, 2006

    This is a truly beautiful post. I hope all is well with you my raw and radiant friend.


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