BAD! Kitty Art Studio – Friday 9/01/06

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the Day:
“It was meant to be that life would be a challenge.
To suffer some anxiety,
some depression,
some disappointment,
even some failure is normal.
Teach our members that if they have a good,
miserable day once in a while,
or several in a row,
to stand steady and face them.
Things will straighten out.
There is great purpose in our struggle in life. “

Boyd K. Packer
Here’s to the struggle, and to the purpose
and to understanding the meaning of that
I raise my glass in good faith
to the hard days, and the easy
for I do not wish for an easy life,
but for enough strength to endure a tough one.
I re-worked the art web site yesterday,
taking off the slow loading frames,
re-vamping the advertising to
the lower sections of the page,
and adding a section of
recent sales for people to take a gander at.
I am hoping that making the work load faster
(removing the dreaded frames)
will allow me a higher capture rate,
and have seen longer stay times already.
So take a look and give me some feedback if you feel so
In other news…
I am dealing with my brain pan
feeling a little squishy
because of the long hours I have been putting in
on artwork, writing (editing ARGH!)
and consulting with clients.
Combating fatigue and pain with positive thinking
and willful determination
to be more than
my set of circumstances.
Finding ways to increase my revenue,
lower my chronic nerve pain,
and elevate my souls mission
can make a Kitty tired somedays.
But in true BAD! Kitty fashion
nothing slows me down,
affects my self opinion of my internal workings,
or makes me want to quit.
Never say die,
never surrender,
adapt, conquer
and overcome.
In other words suck it up and stick it out, sugar-lumps!
The kids are doing well in school, adjusting it seems…
Mate Man is doing well in his new position of
Uber-manager of all things,
and I am working hard
more than 12 hours a day to re-capture
my place in the market, and in my
personal mission.
So it’s all good.
I like having too much to do and not enough time
to do it all,
every day above ground is good.
That’s all for today,
may you all have happy holiday weekend,
and a safe one too.
Be well,
I am still asking for the sale…Just FYI to whatever universal
spirit/guide is on duty up there…Just a little BAD! Kitty humor…

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  1. Kathy Holmes
    September 3, 2006

    Hey there! I haven’t been over here in awhile but I so love your quotes! Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend.


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