A BAD! Kitty Note to Readers

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
A note to my Loyal Fans:
Dear Reader,
I am moving to a new place and while I transfer
everything into the new digs,
I will be down from computer access for a little while.
Maybe even a week! Maybe even more! OMG!!! No!
Gasp! I know, I am not sure I can make it…no internet?!
So… While Being forced to be quiet will be good
for my works and words,
I ask that you not abandon me while
I put all my puzzle pieces together again.
I should return by the
end of next week, and I have new
to share and show you all.
I just need a few days to figure everything out, and the
installer for the internet has not given me a
date for hook up yet, just a 1-5 day window…
so don’t give up on me,
and I will return soon with more
great things to share, show
and tell you all about…
in about a week from today.
Be well, all of you,
and ya’ll come back now ya hear!
If you have recently purchased/or are wanting to purchase a work, please understand that I can do nothing to control the world, and the workings of it, but I do care about you
& I will get back in touch with you FIRST…ASAP!
Just wanted you all to know what’s happening here in the
BAD! Kitty Lands.
Much love to all,
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