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Quote of the day
“Specifically that guilt holds no
currency and learning holds a pot of gold.
Guilt is -out of bounds-
either self-imposed or demanded.
It is that simple.
It may not be easy, but it is simple.
The antidote to shame is more complicated,
and more rewarding,
in my opinion,
and has more lasting benefits
that ripple out to all areas of your life.
It requires several steps of skill acquisition,
and therefore continual practice:
Develop emotional awareness;
notice when you are in the shame
Develop perceptual flexibility;
step out and notice your emotional state
thereby dis-identifying from it [NOT disassociating,
but rather dis-identifying]
Expand your focus to include other
positive representations of your behavior,
and consciously expand your unconscious sense of time
Remind yourself that whoever you think you
are [behaviors, etc.] you are more than that.
As always ask yourself:
“how am I responsible ” and “what can I learn?”
Add resources and imagine yourself
behaving with these additional resources in the future
As you read this, and review it in your mind,
you can begin to imagine, even now,
how these practices and skills
would give you choice and eventual freedom
-and not just from shame, but with full integration, from all unnecessary negative emotional experiences.
Join me in creating the kind of world
in which we all want to belong.
A world in which unnecessary
negative emotional experiences are
known to be just that-unnecessary-
giving us access to a world of choice,
and through that choice,
joy and freedom,
and through that,
beauty of unknown richness.”
~Jason McClain, Evolutionary Guide ™
hands moving,
all thoughts
of the next project
in my head.
Spliting myself into
of action
The seed has split,
curling soft white
down covered roots
are spilling from
the outer hardness
tender greens
full of hope
pushing up
hard earth
to reach for the sky
and harness the power
of the sun.

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