Recycled thinking…

Packing, tape spinning out
the smell of cardboard and sweat.
Books old and frayed,
placed into these boxes,
pictures of loved ones,
trinkets of a life that no longer exists.
Choosing, value based on emotional attachments
and practical needs.
Watching my life being reduced to another pile of brown boxes.
I am happy.
With my boxed life,
as we draw our wagons together
to recreate ourselves into the beings
we are meant to be
and serve to greater good as we were made to do.
Accomplishment is all in the mind.
Virtue is the deed.
Wisdom is knowing when to put the best
of your memories into another brown box
and move into the future of the un-known.
Faith, I believe what I am, and so therefore I AM.
and heading for the finish line,

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