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Quote of the day
Happy Sunday!
That woman and all those like her keep evading the thoughts which they know to be good.
You keep pushing out of your mind the thoughts which you believe to be evil.
They do it, because they want to avoid effort.
You do it, because you won’t permit yourself to consider anything that would spare you.
They indulge their emotions at any cost.
You sacrifice your emotions as the first cost of any problem.
They are willing to bear nothing.
You are willing to bear anything.
They keep evading responsibility.
You keep assuming it.
But don’t you see that the essential error is the same?
Any refusal to recognize reality,
for any reason whatever,
has disastrous consequences.
There are no evil thoughts except one:
the refusal to think.
Don’t ignore your own desires.
Don’t sacrifice them.
Examine their cause.
There is a limit to how much you should have to bear.
Ayn Rand
So busy and working so hard all day.
The sale is going on Full Speed, and yesterday was slow and we still did pretty good…for a dozen total customers. We have a differnt paln today, and we will see if it brings more people in to see my treasures.
Nothing will stop us now, nothing will
slow this train down,
and so we continue,
we are at T Minus 10 days
to hitting the road…
and I can’t wait to see the
future unfolding, and rushing forward
and all for me to explore and learn from.
It wil be a day of
thinking and working and
being myself, and
knowing that will be enough.
Happy Sunday,
The ***Greatest Garage in Beaverton***sale is posted here on CL:
and I sold a lot of cool stuff yesterday, but I went a digging around and refilled the garage with things no one (besides my family) has ever seen, for today’s sale, with even more treasures to find, and I brought Out MORE ART too.

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