Garage Sale Stuff TODAY!Don’t miss it!

Vintage Mirror Shelf shadow box 1940’s and very cool
$50.00 OBO

My Favorite Water pond Pot, blue green glaze handmade and waiting for your small space that needs the magic of water, this is a very large pot though, has no open hole in the bottom, made for pond making. SOLD

The Lawn MowerSOLD

The leopard Gecko’s Girrls and they are very happy and friendly! Raised my loving children from tiny little baby’s.

Very healthy and the whole set up looks better, it’s just that we are moving, and the comic book box hangs out under that cabinet, they don’t come with the grrls.
$100.00 OBO

6′ tall plus Corn silk Tree with new babies at the bottom
$15.00 OBO

Indoor plant Plate size split leaf pathos
6′ tall plus, in pretty ceramic Burgundy pot.
I raised this one from seed, it’s 12 years old.
$15.00 OBO
Indoor plant Corn plant bush type about three feet tall and round in good condition, but could use a repotting soon.
$15.00 OBO

Simple ten gallon fish tank set up, hood fancy light, food, fish and filter with green two door stand

The BIG Entertainment center, all black laminate, a few scuffs here and there, but in good shape, equipment not included, has shelves on the sides too for more storage of movies, or cds
$75.00 OBO

Pair of Cast Iron Vintage Fence post tops
square hole on the bottoms, made in the late 1900’s.

BAD! Kitty Sell Off Speeds UP!

Weston Clock Collection, some winders, some plug in, all work in some way, but not well, I used them in an art installation about time.

The set $10.00

Outdoor plant collection as a group, we are trying to protect and shelter them so it’s hard to see what’s what…But I did find some native ginger, and some more Blue Angle Wing Hostas, as well as some dogtooth violets, and some other cool stuff.

Vintage tube transistitor radios
all work, set for $25.00

My studio “thinking” vintage red leather chair. Very small, rocks, low to the ground, and perfect for pondering in, and it’s in near perfect shape for a 60 year old chair..I love this chair.

The English Closet, plain lines, and a gentelmens closet so not fancy, but the wood is wonderful, I liked the clean lines.
For all you CL People asking for pic’s check here first!
thanks for the huge response!
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  1. Casey Kochmer
    July 19, 2006

    where are you moving to?

  2. HMBT
    July 19, 2006

    Well we have finally found a place to settle, that’s near-by to where want to be in KY, which in nearer to my mate’s work re-location.We Just keep chasing down that dream.:)H


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