BAD! Kitty With NEWS you can Use!

BAD! Kitty with News You Can Use!

I will tell you a tale:

Once upon a time there was a young kitty,

she was smart, pretty, and very ambitious.

She went to college and learned all they had to teach,

and then with the weight of the debt

of her learning on her back,

she went out into the world to make her way.

Well, the way is never easy,

and as it happens this kitty had her ups & downs,

had success and then failures.

Made money, lived beyond her means, and found herself

having to re-learn how to make, spend & Invest money

with the help of a good

debt consolidation


and lots more hard work,

the kitty grew stronger, wiser

and wealthy again

this time

the smart way.

Have a happy Friday!


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