I sold my first cellphone wall paper using MyNumo!

I just thought it was cool, I set the whole little thing up there in less than 20 minutes, and within 24 hours sold my first wallpaper…Mr. Funny Bones…Isn’t that funny? I just thought I’d share, coz it’s fun, and a great little side revenue, (LITTLE Now) but it could build with popularity and time, and be something really quite nice. The Guy behind it all is Uber cool for making it a free to the public to sign up and try it out…And for us who love a GOOD new thing…Well we kinda like to brag.
So, Toot, toot..I made a sale today.
Thanks whoever you are!
Go MyNumo!

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  1. myNuMo
    July 22, 2006

    Cool news.Your wallpapers are great (of course) and you were smart to use the NUMOMATIC on your blog and website.Spread the news!Thanks,Bill


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