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thoughts of the day.
No others words today, Only my own.
No others thoughts today, Only my own.
I was thinking about Money, and the making of it, the spending of it, the meaning of it, the why of it, the un-doing of my own understanding
then the wealth of knowing, the flood of really knowing in a micro second, what is really important, and what really just isn’t…As circumstances provide.
My friend Casey and I where talking about money and in our short discourse I saw the truth in what his words were meant to say to a part of my self that needed to hear it;
what the detachment from the end results
really means to me,
and I thought I would share my response,
well a part of it anyway, I don’t think it’s always prudent to allow the curtain be lifted and the light allowed deeper inside… well, I am a private person, with a transparent life and…because it really feels ‘right’ to allow you all to see how and when I grow…
too. 🙂
From me to Casey: I hear you about the money thing, and live my life in all honesty extremely modestly (live below my means), and am I am actively choosing an even more low-impact living choice for the same reasons you are not “into” the magic of making money.
I don’t want to live in a world where I can never make enough of that stuff.
My plans include writing a how to book on low-impact living, from any place on the globe and offer a book that will give the experienced to the first timer real world ways to provide for their own food, energy, and water and housing for that matter for several of my upcoming experiments deal with re-designing buildings, and how and why they are made.
But long story short, I will never charge a dime
for that information. Why would I?
I also work for free most of the time,
people need work done, and it’s what my special knack is, so it would be against my nature to not help when
ever I can, whom ever I can,
with no thought to asking for payment in any form,
because I make my way through this reality on a different level,
money I just can’t seem to care about enough to be socially acceptable.
I make what I make, it usually covers my basic needs,
and I can work harder at making money itself…But for what end meaning?
If it has no heart it is a path, I don’t care to walk along for very long,
and I find that my detachment to money itself, makes it easy for me to teach others how to make gobs of the stuff, if that’s what they are looking for, I can make it rain money…But to what end?
In my own life I choose to live within the natural realm, and money means nothing to the wind, the trees at first mornings light, my children, my family, my love of human kind, and my need to teach…I am a nomad and I have this small clan, and we are spreading the real word.
You must use the available systems to build a ladder out of the thinking patterns that the world is currently locked into, then when used
(this metaphoric ladder)
it will dissolve immediately, because it never existed at all….
So…I am with you on the money thing,
I understand and agree…. Money is and can be a trap or a tool,
depends on how your holding and using it, for what meaning is it to you personally?
That is the only question one needs to ask, then true wealth
is allowed to enter freely, in all ways the inner self
is truly comfortable in the making
and re-distribution of true wealth to all humans.”
Be well today all,
Be wealthy,
Be you,

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