BAD! Kitty Dream Building Liquidation Continues!

Break Out
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Blown Away
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Five Flowers
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Fairy world series #4
“If wishes were…”
24″ X18″
Oils and mixed media
Was 375.00 NO Only $50.00 + Shipping
Email me HERE to make it yours.
BAD! Kitty New Art for For A DREAM Liquidation!
The Goal for today is to sell one painting.
Now only you can make that happen,
My Goal of moving in now T minus 20 days,
Your original artwork is still valued at it’s retail/real world value…Just the prices are crazy low so I can
accomplish my goal of being able to move at
the end of the month to a home in the country, where I can paint
and finish growing my sons and company in peace, a place that feels like home when you pull up to the door, you know?
I will mention again are we are NOW at
T minus 20 days to departure,
and these works at these prices Should Not last long,
(Locals Look NO Shipping for HUGE ART!!!)
so please, please, please just help me reach my goal
of getting me and mine
to a little peaceful place in the country,
with just one car and a 6′ X 10′ trailer,
and 2800 miles between us…
we are chasing down a DREAM
So the Art has to go! It won’t fit around my Dog! 🙂
Thank you for being here,
and please check my site as I have added
new art to replace the ones that that have sold,
in the last 2 weeks.
Let’s make this A Red Banner day for BAD! Kitty shall we?
I am asking for the sale, I need the sale.
I will be posting new art all day so check back often!
email me here

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