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Achievement of your happiness is

the only moral purpose of your life,

and that happiness

*not pain or mindless self-indulgence*

[it] is the proof of your moral integrity,


it is the proof and the

result of your loyalty

to the achievement of your values.

Ayn Rand


” The Soul is tied to no individual,

no culture, no tradition,

but rises fresh in every person,

beyond every person,

and grounds itself in a

truth and glory that bows

to nothing in the world

of time and place

and history.

We all must be, and can only be,

“a light into ourselves.”



Being my own light, seeing only light

showing, sharing, growing


I hold in my small palm

an entire shimmering ball

that is a world

of possibility



The cup of my hand

the hollows, the hills

mimics the earth

in miniature

the pulse of my own heart

sets these

atoms of nothing

a human eye can see

into motion

the breeze picks up the

scent of my pure intention

places my message on the wing of the


and the magic

of everything


anew with


dawn I rise to

greet, capture,


an entire new world

of possibilities

in the cup

of my trembling

seemingly empty

boldly human



HuBMle 7/10/06

*Steady as she Goes*

Personal Plus


* This is the mark, set, go on Week Number Two of the BAD! Kitty Art Liquidation for a Dream Sale*

I need to get these LARGE works that I have

sold this week…They are the ones I am now most concerned about,

because well…They are kinda BIG…

I will post later with pictures and prices

of the ones that really must go this week,

what with all the packing and craziness (chaos) that has

it’s hawk like claws deep into our life now.

We are going with opportunity,

we are going to follow a path that has a heart,

one that has avenues of success open to it

instead of more of the same.

So I will be working on showing you my larger works

later today.

And of couse you can scroll down to see the last

few days posts and browse

now or just go to the site where buying is always fast, safe and easy:

BAD! Kitty ART

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