BAD! Kitty Sale Update. HERO Alert!

BAD! Kitty Art Sale Update!

‘Play it Again’


Another Hero emerged from the dark Wood

to answer my call to action

and support.

His Name is Brian, and he has always been my friend, in the sense that I don’t know him personally, (we have not Yet met) but he has for many years supported my growth and personal expansion, and never faltered along the way to be a true, steady, someone you can count on and call on,


Those are kind of people are rare, and I appreciate him on many levels, and respect him immensely professionally.

Here is my personal thank you to My HERO of the DAY!

Thank you Brian, after all that you

have allowed and brought into my life,

with your personality, force of will and loving heart.

Founding Zaadz for the Worlds Growth at large,

and for the person singular,

Thank you Brian for remaining a

steady friend in these years of my own and yours too

profound personal growth,

I appreciate all you are and all you do.

Thank you for being one of My life’s Heroes,

and Thank you for being my Hero For Today

and giving your support to my Living Dream,

adding a little of the Johnson Magic to my Journey.

Much Love & Respect,


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