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BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
“As I go within to find my real self,
I find only the world.”
~Ken Wilbur
One More:
” We have identified ourselves with our
body, mind, and personality,
imagining these objects to constitute our real “self”,
and then spend
our entire lives trying to
defend, protect, and prolong
what is just an illusion.
We are the victims of an
epidemic case of mistaken
identity, with our
Supreme Identity quietly
but surely awaiting discovery.”
~Ken Wilbur
No mistakes here folks,
this human knows the direction she wants
to take
and is
not bemoaning my position,
not sitting back,
not giving up,
not throwing in any towels on
I have agreed with several others,
and so it shall be done.
My Dream Life
is my
REAL life.
Mission accepted,
steady as she goes.
Bright with passion,
and ready for a short rest,
*I need to keep making sales, I hate to harp,
but we are at T minus 26 days….
And well, there are no stops on this train,
and nothing stops this train,
so I really got to stick to my
guns and keep asking for the sale.
Every day.
I have a goal to clear 45 of my personal collection works
in less than 30 days. Thousands of dollars worth of Art
for pennies on the dollar.
I need pennies from heaven, so I have slashed prices to
places that make my agents have
mini heart-attacks when they hear she’s selling that ONE!
Yep I’m selling that one,
and a whole bunch more that
what was my private
“art vault investment works” 3000 sq ft gallery space.
I have Art in every shape, size, style and form that you could want. I have art for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, best friend, Mom, Dad, Office, any Situation, any Place and every Human. BAD! Kitty has ART for you
So come on down to dream building central,
and bring your money honey, coz it’s time to deal!
Make Offers, break all RULES OF SOCIAL Conduct and
let’s Haggle.
I got a dream to chase down.
*You can even come by and see them first… If you are local.*

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