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Quote for the day


You gain strength, courage and confidence

by every experience in which you

really stop to look fear in the face.

You are able to say to yourself,

“I lived through this horror.

I can take the next thing that comes along.”

You must do the thing

you think you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Still working on the way I am thinking.

Winner thinking as I call it

means no obstacle

no problem

no glitch

deters me from my

Eternal Flow.

I have set the Goals

I plan to stick to them as best I can.

The paintings are selling,

and money is being saved for the

gas for the cross country trip

to get us to our new

home in the country.

My larger goal in this current

life experience is

patience and keeping my self control in check,

I do that by

dialogue with myself daily

about what matters,

where my focus needs to be for the day,

lists of things that need to be done,

Children that need tending,

life that needs living

even while being dedicated

to one goal or focus point right now.

I have to think like an umbrella opened


against a sudden downpour,

it is the empty spot under the


that is most useful

during a Gully Washer.

Be well today,

Think about the way you are thinking.

Winners never quit is a real thing.

Winners just do again.

Find another play that works, run another pattern

they don’t throw up their hands every

time they come up against an obstacle in their path.

They figure out, should I go over, under,

or around this thing in my way?

This seemingly large obstacle is

only as important to me

as the level of importance I give it.

If I say “OH my…That’s that”…Then that IS That.

If I say well, “what are ten ways I can solve this problem”,

it becomes fuel for a creative and usually


Flow of answers to develop

and I can pick the best of the crop and

go with that.

Because I am paying attention

to all areas of my life and

taking time to listen

to the quiet voice that speaks only

when the rest of reality is

screaming at high volume

so you really have to listen for it

I call it my Voice of Reason.

Steady and calm,

she says

“Steady as she Goes.

All things are Possible.

If you only train your mind

to desire what the

Situation Demands.”

Walking barefoot through my

forest of the unkown

a single flower

in my hand

and hope hops from

tree branch to tree


above my head

and never

stops singing

at all.



*Who Works Hard and Is Unafraid,

Making My Reality Filled With Meaning

No Matter What Daily Circumstances I Wake To.*

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