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Quote for the day


There must be deviations from the rules

in order to express almost anything….

However, only the man who is familiar

with the rules

may sometimes violate them,

for he alone can know that,

in certain cases, the rule is not enough.

Andre Ernest Modeste Gretry


Become aware of internal, subjective, subverbal experiences,

so that these experiences can be brought into

the world of abstraction, of conversation, of naming, etc.

with the consequence that it immediately becomes


for a certain amount

of control to be exerted

over these hitherto unconscious

and uncontrollable processes.

Abraham Maslow


Be well today,

I am burning In my

Truth and


See me burn.

Raw & radiant

and unafraid.


*Today the world is mine to make.

Making is what I do, I am unafraid of being a Maker.

This maker will create the reality that

is desired out of force of will, acts of determination and character,

actions taken, inner laws named, and all rules broken.

Anything is possible when living through a veil of Love,

bring me my Love Universe,

I am brave and ready,

a steady foot soldier for

my own eternal inner FLOW,

let it be.


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