BAD! Kitty gets Busy on the 4th of JULY!

BAD! Kitty Hee-Haw’s
I like the part where if you don’t pay up then then angel will make you beg. For what?
I am asking for the sale…
we are now @ 29 days and counting,
and my goal of making a sale a day
for the next 30 days has not started it’s actualization… yet.
But I feel it will, because I am being true, advertising, asking everyone I freaking know to buy a painting or a sculpture…Then again come to think of it I am asking every one I know to buy any of my stuff! Please!
I don’t need all these antiques, books, paintings, toys, what have you, the place we are going to is like ummmm,
I have 3000 Sq Ft plus of stuff…
and 1200 or less sq Ft to live in…
ummm, maybe the Money angel will make me beg for more space?
Happy Sunday!
Please scroll down and shop, or go to one of my sites listed for your ease below and shop, spend some money honey, please
this bad kitty has to leave it all in 29 days and counting.
Tick, Tock
says the BAD! Kitty Lotto Clock…
what will you win today?
*A sure bet that if you ask you will receive* *Updated with new prices* *Updated with new prices and art not on either site*
*Updated Daily till it’s gone!*

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