BAD! Kitty discovers another Incredible being!

This is a post I got on my POD over at Zaadz. You know it is just so freaking nice when people do these types of things just because they can, and I thank you…you all out there who understand what we are doing here.
Love to all
here’s the letter:
Bad Kitty Art Sale
LauraZenPitch said Yesterday, 11:20 AM:
Dear All:
I’m posting this for all to see, instead of sending an email to Heather directly. Heather is selling all she owns and I personally feel that it would be great to get this collection of people here to come up with some creative ideas for her–or better yet, send her links off to people you know who might want to buy something. This is a great chance for all of us to support someone who is making a BIG leap. So, here goes here are some ideas. Some will be silly and useless, however, one might be useful, so I throw them out for you to do as you wish.
1. Send a press release to your local news station. “Local artist following her dreams to KY” type of subject line. Who knows maybe a camera crew will show up at your house? Great way to generate interest and sales
2. I sent links to a friend of mine who is an art buyer here in NYC. She knows a lot of buyers here. Who knows if anything will come of it, but it’s worth a shot. Her name is Ann L. incase you get an email or phone call.
3. Host a “moving” party/brunch/lunch. This is a nice way to see your loyal clients before you go AND if someone should want to buy a painting or piece of art, all the better, you don’t need to ship it, they can take it home with them.
4. Send a personalized email to your BIGGEST fans and clients (if you’ve not done so already) and let them know what you are doing. Maybe they will pick up one more piece to help you out.
That’s what I can think of for now. I’ll post again if I have more ideas.
****You rock as a person and A LIFE COACH*** Everyone take notice, this is a good Human Being, go to her practice and use her if need be.

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