BAD! Kitty ART SALE!!!! Liquidation Begins!

BAD! Kitty Liquidation Begins!
all of these Original paintings will not be going with me on my trip to the farm…
so they are $150.00 each + Shipping.
Just click on the links to learn more about each!
Thank you for reading and being here, now please buy some of my BAD! Ass art for Cheap.
Please, UUmmm, now would be good.
There will be more paintings added to the liquidation everyday till they are gone check back daily. I have 30 days to sell 45 paintings.
Will she make it folks?
It’s up to you now.
And me, me too!

just email me which one you want, I have not updated the site for buy it now yet…I will… but for now just email me here.

Thanks again, Heather

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