An Answer to a Question I am getting hundreds of emails about right now!

I am getting asked a lot of questions right now!
Why would You sell your ART that you most prize for those prices?!? Why wouldn’t you keep it?
This is my answer for all to see, thank you Puma for asking it in such a wonderful way, it really made me think and I value that highly amoungst my friends, people who make me think. The Main Question that I am being asked:
“Because i love you i want to tell you that i think it is awesome that you are moving so far forward to follow your dreams but i think perhaps that those paintings long to be dragged to Kentucky and that if you just BELIEVE that the 3K will come your way, it will.
i wanted to buy one but it just felt wrong……. why do you think? “
Here is my answer:
with love Heather
Well, I would love to bring my work to KY, I can’t period. We have to because of money. We need to have only what we can carry, it’s important that we do this to complete our mission. My work is loved for sure, but it is also what it is. ART. I need to get somewhere and I don’t have room for all the art, it’s art or food…art or clothes…art or the dog.
As to why you would not want to buy my work, I would not know for sure…I guess you have more of an emotional attachment to my work than I do right now in this reality, because we have different needs that need to be met?
For me it has to be done, would you rather I throw them away, or give them to Goodwill? Because that is the other choice.
Because they can not come with us, we do not have the room. It’s very simple.
You have to think about others needs through a veil of love…love asks no reasons, nor has need to be understood, it only requires support. Look into the very value of the human being involved and the virtue of their true intent, then it is easy to see the FLOW I am creating around my willingess to completly commit to a course of action, heart and soul.
Much love, geniune and true.

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