H and J Empowerment.com is Now LIVE!

Hello All,
I have finally, after weeks of work, and years of planning and developing launched
My own Personal Empowerment Zone…
Please do me the great favor of taking a look at the site,
And I am asking for a review of my site from my friends,
I just wanted to be clear…
Would you please take a moment to let me know
how it looks, works, reads, performs for you?
This is my way of testing the site and I would really appreciate
anyone’s feedback on the project…it’s not complete, I am still writing (or I should say pulling out my red editors marker, again) on our personal bio’s, and getting our photo’s taken (ugh) but it’s functioning and up and well…. we are just darn excited about being what we really want to be in this life as life mates, and as individuals.
This is our Business Mission Statement:
To provide high quality, customized and customer focused Innovation Consulting & Mentoring Services to individuals, businesses, & corporations.
Through these services, we Empower our customers to Actualize and Realize Rapid Growth & Improvement in all areas of their Personal & Professional Lives.
Most of you know that I am trying to purchase an Organic Farm…well, this launch and development of OUR own company, my Mate Man and I back in business together, it’s just right and it’s also our proof that FLOW is something we can all harness at any time.
We are selling everything we own, getting down to just one car and a trailer…and we are saying NO to the current reality, and we are going to do it
John will be giving up his Job @ the Hospital…that’s crazy right?
I mean he has a great job, that pays well and has benefits…and he hates it.
We don’t have money saved up(enough); we have not followed any of the rules about how to go about this process of needing to BE The Change NOW
(We are Rain Makers, Serial Entrepreneurs, even… some might say).
We are going to find a way, and we are going to live a low-impact high velocity life
No more waiting for the right moment, enough money, the right debt/income ratio, screw it all. I have applied for loans, grants, and I am working my ass off, Planned the farms Off-Grid Plan, Cashed out the investments,
and I AM selling all my stuff, ART included…so if you have had your eye on anything over at BAD! Kitty Art Studio,
“Let’s make a Deal” time is ON.
Make me offers.
Break all rules of social conduct and react from the gut, just do it, or pass my info along to someone who might be interested, please.
We as a family choose to live the life we want
I know I can create a family-scaled productive, self-sustaining, low-impact (green energy and clean food & water for all) model
and We can show others how to do it too… all over the world.
From Africa to the American Suburbs, this working model will serve as an open ended experiment in how we do not and should not be relying on any government, or entity
or have to pay those
governments/entities for the Privilege of having food, water and energy.
I am going to prove it can be done.
Living With Flow,
A Model that can be copied,
modified and spread around the globe.
Every home can become Green energy wise right now.
Every person could learn a few simple
skills and have free clean water and food.
Right where they are, right now.
Please come see what we are doing,
how committed we are, and what it looks like to
Just do it.
Fearless, and unafraid to
Love to all,
Heather & Now John too!
*New site*

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  1. pinky
    June 30, 2006

    I love you both, so very much! I am proud of the steps you are taking to claim your own life. Hugs to one fearless famliy from another!


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