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Quote for the day
“We are all functioning at a small
fraction of our capacity to live fully
in its total meaning of
loving, caring, creating and adventuring.
Consequently, the actualization of our
potential can become
the most exciting adventure
of our lifetimes.”
~Herbert Otto
Working hard to become the best I can be,
not a second rate me, that’s easy
I could go get a
‘real job’, but I already have three,
I don’t think I could do another successfully and I don’t want to contribute to the capitalism with out a consciousness that has swallowed America @ this time… Anymore…
So I continue to work, continue to learn, continue on my
This path has heart so I will follow it.
The time of change is upon the planet, and I need sanctuary
from/with it all, so I can discover how
I may be of as much service to all
of humanity as I can,
because that matters to me…It gives me FLOW.
Be well today,
May the world be yours today!
HEY! I am selling everything I own to acquire funds to purchase a organic farm…Please buy my work to help me complete my dream…Make offers, I am willing to entertain reasonable offers at this time. I Also offer art lay a way) Also if you are a open minded lender or investor, and think you can help me find financing for my dream home…Contact me ASAP! Please.
Thanks Heather

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