BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~ Another page from my upcoming Art Book$ Quote for the day

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
~New BAD! Kitty Art~ Another Page from my new Art Book that is almost ready to show you all!
This page is called:
‘I am lover, creator and teacher’
Laminated collage
The quote that inspired the work:
“When we touch this domain, we are
filled with the cosmic force
of life itself, we sink our roots
deep into the black soil and draw power
and being up into ourselves.
We know the energy of the numen and are saturated
with power and being.
We feel grounded, centered, in touch
with the ancient and eternal
Rhythms of life,
Power and Passion
well up like an artesian spring
and creativity dances in celebration
of life.”
~ David N. Elkins
I dance,
I touch
I love
I am
free from your definitions of who I am.
I am free to be me.
And that is my mission
to become the very best me I can become.
So onward with the work,
the dedication,
the faith,
the love,
the essence of
the Real Me.
Want more in your life, then go figure it out, the what
you want, then make a plan to get it,
don’t complain how hard your road is,
all paths are hard,
as long as a path has a heart, then it is never wrong
to take a stroll and
discover what is
around your own life’s bend.
Be Brave and Bold today.
Yours in the moment,
and willing to go first,

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