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Again and again I therefore admonish my students in Europe and America: Don’t aim at success – the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long-run – in the long-run, I say! – success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it.

Viktor Frankl
When I stand
the earth under my feet I
As I move
gliding through
the days of my
every step
is an
of my
ability to
own my
I don’t need permission
to think outside the box.
I give myself
permission to
have the courage
to be wise.
I give myself
What will you give yourself
permission to do
What comes from thinking about thinking?
Soul Talk.
What comes from not thinking and doing?
Faith in Self,
and success is part of the package deal.
Living in Truth,
*Who is thinking from inside
the Human,
and owns no
boxes at all*

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