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BAD! Kitty Art Studio Quote for the day
One big reason why men do not develop greater abilities,
greater sales strength,
greater resourcefulness
is because they use neither
their abilities nor their opportunities.
We don’t need more strength or more
ability or greater opportunity.
What we need is to use what we have.
Men fail and their families suffer deprivations when all the time these men have in their possession
the same assets other men are utilizing to accumulate a fortune. . . . Life doesn’t cheat.
It doesn’t pay in counterfeit coin.
It doesn’t lock up shop and go home when pay-day comes.
It pays every man exactly what he has earned.
The age-old law that a man gets what he earns hasn’t been suspended.
When we take that truth home and believe it,
we’ve turned a big corner on the high road
that runs straight
through to success.

Basil S. Walsh
I am my own
proof, my testimony is
I don’t need to be anything more than exactly who
I am, right now, in this
That is my Truth,
I just am
Simple, dedicated, and
not Average.
Simple, motivated, and
and then I
am so much
I have success in my back pocket now,
Turned corners, peeking behind
closed doors,
carried truth home and unpacked her bags,
found Joy in the corners
pulled dignity out of the closet, dusted it off,
a regular person living in a human form
dealing with
pain that reminds
me today…
I am a soul with a body
not a body with a soul.
Raw and Radiant today.
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