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Hi, Heather here…
I just signed up for a global Coaching Business Tele-Summit, and wanted to invite you to share this experience with me!
Over a dozen of coaching “top dogs” will be presenting their mini-training sessions live – just take a look at who’ll be there to train you:
– “Setting up and Managing a Successful Coaching Practice”, with Marcia Bench-
“Creating Client-Capturing Web Sites”, with Kendall Summerhawk-
“Group Coaching Revenue Model”, with Ginger Cockerham-
“Attracting High Paying Coaching Clients”, with Terri Levine-
“How to Organize and Host a Highly Successful Local Coaching Event”, with Janice Copeland-
“How to Create a ‘Million-Dollar’ Coaching Gym”, with Chris Barrow-
“How to Build a Highly Targeted High Response Coaching Database”, with Joel Christopher-
“Measuring What Matters: The 5 Key Metrics to Track, Watch and Cultivate, to Take Your Multiple Streams Business to 6 and 7 Figures”, with Andrea Lee-
“How to Grow Your Coaching Business Fast With Strategic Alliances”, with Christian Mickelsen-
“Getting Clients for Life: The New Model of Coaching That Makes You More Money and Provides More Value”, with Marcia Bench-
“Set Up Your Own Membership Based Coaching Program In 2 Weeks Or Less”, with Christian Mickelsen-
“First 90-Day Marketing Plan”, with Ramon Williamson…and a couple more surprise ones!
Hope you’ll join me!
Heather Brown Truman
P.S. Seating will be very limited to just 175 people,and based on all the buzz, this event will fill upquickly. You can get all the details here:
Thanks! Heather/Sybil Ann

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