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Quote for the day
We achieve everything by our efforts alone.
Our fate is not decided by an almighty God.
We decide our own fate by our actions.
You have to gain mastery over yourself.
It is not a matter of sitting back and accepting.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
I am not sitting back in my life.
I am working hard to stay focused
on my goals.
Like a Laser Beam,
I am concentrating to bring
all my actions into my highest self
and work from there.
Buddha once said that the ‘ultimate’ Man
was one that could embrace nothingness,
no taste, no sound, no sight, no death, no re-birth,
no human worries.
I am striving to become my own ‘ultimate’
Me, creating new definitions of what that is.
What are you doing today?
What would you do today,
if you knew you would not fail?
What will you do today that
scares the pants off of you?
What will you today that will make you feel stronger than you were yesterday?
Hmmmm, things that make you go
Have a great day,
buy some of my work, or book a Life Coaching session (with me)
Please, I Need to feel the FLOW today.

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