Motivational Life Coaching is it for you? Let’s find out

How Is Coaching Different From Therapy?
Coaching is definitely not therapy or counseling.
In my role as a coach,
I do not diagnose or treat mental disorders.

Coaches do not analyze your past as part of the healing necessary

to overcome deeper psychological problems such as clinical depression or anxiety disorders.
While knowing some aspects of your past may be helpful for me to understand you, it is not the primary focus of coaching.
Coaching is focused on the present and future.
Coaching identifies and taps into your potential. Coaching is about developing motivation.
Coaching is about creating, implementing and sticking to action plans to achieve your life goals.
Is Coaching For You?
You can benefit from coaching if any of the following are true for you:
  • You’re feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life.
  • When you try something new, you can’t seem to follow through.
  • You’re feeling stressed at work or home.
  • You would like to be doing something different, but don’t know what.
  • You would like to get more out of your relationships.
  • You don’t have a clear plan or vision for your future.
  • You would like to make changes in your life, but never seem to get around to it.
  • You just ended a relationship and are unsure about what to do next.
  • You’re having difficulty balancing home and work?
  • You would like to be a better partner to your significant other? *****

Some of the ways I may be able to help you in your life are:

  • I am an instrument of change and tool of empowering for the many humans who are looking for real meaningful change, direction or movement in their lives.
  • I can help you Overcome and Identify the challenges in your present life, and help you to come up with ways to resolve and improve upon what your own inner self tells you ‘needs fixing’ so that we can get to the real business of improving your present life and start to emphasize all the ‘rights’ about you. I can help you learn to embrace your future without fear but with excitement and courage.
  • I can help improve and deepen your relationships with Yourself, family, friends and co-workers, helping to eliminate trust issues, and recovering the ability to love and be loved in a healthy way.
  • I can help you discover and improve yourself in your ‘work’ life and your financial outlook, overcoming barriers to your monetary or professional success, and help to increase your FLOW and profitability in both areas. I am a specialist in Marketing/Branding for small businesses helping them to create a living doing what they love with meaning and ideals that increase profitability in all areas of business.
  • I can help you strengthen and deepen healthy bonds between you and your children and mate, helping you to build the family unit that you have always dreamed of.
  • I can help you improve your own self esteem so that you can attract the energy and abundance in your personal life, career and love relationships.
  • I can help you learn to love and trust yourself again.
  • I can help you accomplish and reach goals that you set for yourself; losing weight, stop smoking, learn to love healthy, learn to what you love for a living successfully, and generally get a good firm focus on your current life, and where you want it to go from here.
  • Being an Motivational/intuitive Life Coach I have helped get people from where they are now to the place they truly want to be, living happy full and productive lives that have FLOW, meaning and excitement in them again. I help people get excited about their lives again.
  • I can Help you better communicate, understand and grow with the children in your life. So that you all may grow with as much love in your lives as possible, becoming with your love and guidance the incredible people you hope and dream for them to be. I am especially good with troubled ‘teen’ problems.
  • I have the ability, through the Internet, to offer my services at a much lower cost than most others because people need to be guided by a real ENGAGED Life Coach, without going into debt to do it. Nobody ever wins by doing it that way. And I do all consulting by phone at your convenience and where you are able to feel, safe and comfortable.
  • I can help those with Intuitive gifts learn to use them in productive ways in their lives, and increase their abilities through training and professional, loving guidance.
  • I am being the change I want to see in the world.


  • The hourly fee for my services is $95.00 per hour (per 60 minutes)$50.00 per half hour session (per 30 minutes)I am currently offering the following sliding-scale options (look to the left of my page for the links), for my clients that may need to use them or as a low cost special for those who may be new to talking with a Life Coach and want to try it first at a low/no cost.
  • *See information on how to get one free consultation
  • *For all other Session options please click here.
  • I do offer a toll free 800 phone number that will be given to you when you book your appointment, or if you would like to see all of the ways that we can contact each other please click here.
  • Take five minutes to take the survey below, to help you figure out if life coaching is for you. I will be happy to talk with you about your results for *free*!
  • I have updated my life coaching site and hopefully have made it easier for all of you that use my Life Coaching/Clairvoyant abilities to access.
  • Thanks for checking it out, and make an appointment today and let me show you how I can help get you to where you want to be in your life, with LOVE, Passion, and JOY!

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  1. YourSimplerLife
    July 8, 2006

    I’ve had enough of trying to keep up with the Joneses! Life coach


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