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BAD! Kitty New Art!
First up the handy dandy, fold-up, pocket sized (really big pockets) ever so useful laminated wheel of life.
‘Pocket Wheel of Life’
Laminated poster from 1993 Utne Reader,
painted by Tashi Gyalsen Gangzey.
I attached the panels together with hand made chainmail steel rings, so it folds anyway you want it to. It has a hole in each top corner so it can hang from little suction cup hooks. (that I am now in love with, coz I got a batch for free from another junk collector!)

This is the text on the back of the poster…Handy for when you need to know quick like…Which path is the one that goes straight to hell…Because you want to avoid that one…OK, stay with me here,

The Wheel Of Life, is a detailed representation of the Tibetan belief in the transmigatory nature of existence, it explains the theory of rebirth.

I have always loved this poster, it reminds me to stay true to myself, I am not a Buddhist nor a Tibetan, but I love the old ways cultures around the world discovered to

teach the masses.

Art Uses to be the most popular along with traveling storytellers of education of the masses.

You would see the art, and have the explanation of the art given to you, and then you would digest that information from the symbolic level to the esoteric or egocentric interpretation of that story.

So, I love ancient art, and have had this with me for many, many years…Oh the stories this Poster can tell…

I have spent years discovering all it’s levels, and now that I have turned into to coolest learning aid ever known to man…I thought maybe someone out there might need this Wheel of Life…OMG, I must rush to the digital camera, the light box (fun new toy I am learning with still) and fire up the blog!

So it’s going up for sale on the site soon…You know the deal.


All folded up… And ready to go!

7″ wide by 8.5″ long

(that’s folded up folks…It’s a poster when you open it!)

Cool huh…A pocket poster.

Dibs on the pocket posters Idea! I am going straight to the department of registering intellectual property and I declare pocket posters to be a BAD! Kitty Original! Ha! So there.


Next up…

‘Tansparent Truths’

another hanging from little suction cup wonder of art!

I printed some of my A.I.M. Magnets on high grade transparency film,

let it dry for like ummm forever…

and them I laminated it, cut it apart with pinking shears

punched holes in them,

made chain mail rings of steel, each large ring has three small rings on it to connect them together…Man those are so much fun to make, (not) I can’t imagine what the blacksmiths had to go through to make suits out of the same stuff…Wow! So here it is…

Transparent truths, with glass beads at the bottom and the very last one is a little puuurple glass kitty, of course.

It’ll be going on the site soon…

Yep, I’m pretty snazzy over here…Don’t applaud, just throw money.


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