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If, as in a dream, you see a light brighter than the sun,
your remaining attachments will suddenly come
to an end and the nature of reality will be revealed.
Such an occurrence serves as the basis for enlightenment.
But this is something only you know.
You can’t explain it to others.
Or if, while you’re walking, standing, sitting, or lying in a quiet grove, you see a light, regardless of whether it’s bright or dim, don’t tell others and don’t focus on it.
It’s the light of your own nature.
Of if, while you’re walking, standing, sitting, or lying in the stillness and darkness of night, everything appears as though in daylight, don’t be startled.
It’s your own mind about to reveal itself.
Or if, while you’re dreaming at night, you see the moon and stars in all their clarity, it means the workings of your mind are about to end.
But don’t tell others.
As she wandered the virtual countryside
looking for the perfect
place to call
she tripped upon a small stone in the road
along the way.
She picked up the stone and put it in her
pocket and continued her journey.
Later she tripped among several other
small stones in her path.
Each she picked up
and placed in her pockets.
When she arrived just outside the place she was looking
for the towns people ran to her aid
and carried her into
the town square to be amazed
at the boulders
the Small Woman had carried
so far.
Thinking of them as small obstacles,
she never questioned their
The realization of others humans
taking notice of her strength and character
began to praise her.
She only replied,
“I did not know they were boulders.”
“I came with what I had and what
I have found along the way.”
A pocket full of rocks.
And the realization
that mountains can be
moved one pebble at a time.
HuMBle 6/12/06
Have a great Monday!
New A.I.M. magnets added and some NEW Vintage items as well…And of course there’s the Art Special of the day (it’s a Fairy World, BTW) and new work coming soon.
Still looking for that opportunity for raising funds for my dream to buy an off grid home, and produce green energy, organic food, and Art! Also create a healing center on the land for those in need of sanctuary.
If you know someone that may want to sell a farm or mini-farm in the KY region of the world…Or know of investors, grants, funding for such a venture, please help.
You can also help buy supporting living artist (namely me) by buying something from me. Every penny I make is going to buying a home…
call it Heather-aid.


  1. Kathy Holmes
    June 12, 2006

    Love Bette Davis and her quotes. We need more women like her today.

  2. HMBT
    June 13, 2006

    Here, Here! I agree!:)H


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