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BAD Kitty Art Studio Quote for the day:

The picture above is an A.I.M. Magnet…hint, hint,hinty, hint.

Facts, when combined with ideas,

constitute the greatest force in the world.

They are greater than armaments,

greater than finance, greater than science,

business and law because

they constitute the common denominator of all of them.”

Carl W. Ackerman


When you are out there

knowing too much

the world becomes

what you decide it is.





When I open my wings

the down on my fresh

new skin

feels the winds drying

the understanding

into the cells

of my


secret self

and human desires.

I am fully unfurled

and taking flight…

the wind carries

my map

and the

rest is up to me.


Be beautiful and just you today.

We need you out here.

Unfurl and awaken to your own

actions & accountabilities

and choice… is just grace

that comes to tea

for a chat

and fear stays in the car and sulks

while you soar into your future.



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