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Quote for the day
“I’m no model lady.
A model’s just an imitation of the real thing. “

Mae West
No imitations here folks…
100% pure Organic
What are you doing today?
I am trying to keep my sense of humor
in the face of overwhelming physical pain (LIKE OM FUCKING G!), emotional distress, general stress, and needs verses wants.
Desires balanced by what is possible.
I am working my ass off to get to what I want,
and letting it go at the same time…So that I may embrace what
comes into my world with grace and dignity.
All I ask is that something come, something move, create some peace in my family, in my being, in my world.
Working for all those things and trying hard not to work for anything but the joy of working…
being the Flow,
not swimming against it.
Being empty as much possible so that
I may be as useful as possible, & it’s not an easy thing to do, so wish me luck, send me a referral for a business loan so I can buy my peaceful farm in KY, and create a place for all to come, eat well, learn, heal and be loved…all organic and off grid. Buy some art, buy some of my cool stuff, buy a cheap ass wonderful magnet…I don’t care, just buy something so I can aquire my dream…uuummm, please.
Help me if you can, thanks.
Have a happy day,

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