Holy Heck I sold Some Cameras! Bye-Bye Lot#2 8mm!

BAD! Kitty Says
Thank you!
Vintage 8mm Camera Lot #2
has just SOLD!
It’s on it’s way to you today, thank you so much!
Warm regards to this person with a open wallet and an open heart/mind! I hope they serve you well & bring you Joy.
Thank you Fellow Human Being Out In Wheaton, IL.!!!
and Thank you Universe!
*I’m Just Radiant Now*
Now For your shopping ease…Here’s the link to the Stuff!
More going up today make sure to check…First vintage fans, transistor radios, and hopefully all the Vintage Polaroid cameras and I intend to add some art into the mix too! That’s a lot…But it’s all in my ‘plan’ for the day so stay tuned!
***Thank you again!***

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