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BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
“The first of our senses which we should take care
never to let rust through disuse
is that sixth sense,
the imagination.
I mean the wide-open eye
which leads us to see truth
more vividly, to apprehend more broadly,
to concern ourselves more deeply,
to be,
all our life long,
sensitive and awake to the powers
and responsibilities given to us as human beings.”

Christopher Fry
Eyes wide, her heart set a racing
she walked into the center of
The Dark Wood of The Unknown
and asked
in a strong, clear voice,
“Where is my Truth?”
Ancient trees shook their
answers from branch
to branch
leaf to leaf
receiving her request
with impatience, silent admonition
landed heavy upon her
red cloaked
“Inside You”
The Wise Wood answered on the
single golden leaf
that floated from the canopy
to appear
at her
black soled
HuMBle 6/06/06
Have a great day, I am working,
and burning and churning
and going for the cup. Mine’s half full…Where’s yours today?

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