Dear Universe a letter from HuMBle to the great Unknown

My name is Heather Brown -Truman, I am a recycled artist in Oregon and a retired Organic farmer (15 years). I have found and organic off the Grid farm in out in no-where KY that does not harvest meat, but organic foods, fibers, fertilizers and solar power…I want to buy it and move there and complete the process of conversion that has been started. I am looking for funding from someone who understands the importance of low-impact living starting NOW, and from a personal accountability stand point and I have the skills and decades of training as a career Organic farmer to make it work and continue my rising art career…Someone who can see my business model as one that is viable, and invigorating. Can you point me in any direction? Thanks in advance for your time and energy…I appreciate it much.
Warm regards, Heather

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