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The Great BAD! Kitty Art Studio
collectibles, kitsch, and stuff I Love…
I want a home…So my stuff that I have spent years collecting, decorating, carrying, loving and rescuing from landfills, dumpsters, garage sales and tag sales….Now for your shopping pleasure…My entire collection of fun stuff.
***All cameras seem to work or I will note otherwise, I do not imply that they are fully functioning, just that they work as far as I can tell. Also these have been my personal collection obsession for several years, and all the cameras have been kept inside a glass display case…So they are well cared for. Many have cases with them I will note that where I can, if I forget when I ship them to you they will have every part available in the box, even if they are not pictured…If you have questions about vintage cameras…Well contact somebody who knows about them, I just like looking at them. But I’ll be happy to answer any question, look up any number or take more pictures for any lot you maybe interested in…So just ask and I will divulge all I know!
Have Fun!
And please buy something, I am trying to buy a home, and I am so close to the down payment I can smell it!
I will live a low impact life, I will, I must.
My fun stuff…Is now your fun stuff.
Where I am going I won’t need it.
Be well.

Vintage 8mm Cameras Lot #1:
From right to left:
1. Bell& Howell One Nine 8mm winds up and works great & it has mystery film in it! Who knows what’s on it? You figure it out & let me know..K?
2. Holiday 2 -3 lens- daylight exposure table, & working light meter on the top built in…Winds up and works as far as I know, everything is there and moving like it should.
3. Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera #2 13mm – f/2.7 lens
winds up and works and is in very good shape.
This Lot is
$75.00 + shipping
Email me HERE the purchase.

Vintage 8mm Cameras Lot #2:

from the left to the right:

1. Brownie Kodak exactly like the one in Lot #1, just not as pretty…It has more wear and tear on it, someone used it a lot, it has mystery film in it, and it seems to wind up and work just fine.

2. Keystone 8mm K 27 Capri – with built in light meter (works) and it winds up and works very well, smooth sounding. Heavy and the lens are all in great shape…It has a lot of bells a whistles on it, and it is soo cool…Bonus!

3. Kodak Brownie Fun Saver Movie Camera – Fair condition close ups below show the chip in the bake light case, but it works and really it doesn’t read when it is in amongst the others that it has damage to the face of the camera. So, I still loved it, because it works!

Lot #2

$50.00 + Shipping

Email me HERE to purchase the lot.

Close up of the damage….grrrr.

Vintage 8mm Cameras Lot #3:

from the bottom then round from the left to the right:

1. Front and center: Minolta auto pak-8 D4 asa 25 40 64 160/ asa 40 64 100 250

Works but is dirty and needs to be really cleaned…But I recently found it so I have not had time to detail it out. It does work and has all the extra screw on the top stuff (sorry don’t know what’s it called but it looks cool). It has lots of bells a whistles and seems to be clean and fully functioning on the inside (where it counts)…Bought from an old friend who made documentary’s with it in the 60’s & 70’s…This camera has seen many a mile in a backpack…nuff said.

2. From the top left: Bell & Howell electric eye 8mm works well but does have a little dent in the back eye looky thru…But it superficial and the lens is fine and still moves…Just wanted to let you know…

3. Revere eye-matic magazine eight model CA.4 No. EE #161752 with the cool fade in and out option….Indoor and outdoor lens light filter, and working built in light meter.

Cool as shit I tell you and heavy!

4. Bell & Howell Focus-matic autoload battery operated super 8mm.

Clean and works great, batteries are double a size.

Just another look at them all

Lot #3:

125.00 + Shipping

Email Me HERE to Purchase Lot #3.

Vintage Kodak Portable Miniature Enlarger

Model 1 Des.119.259 100-240 volts 50 watts

All lens’s internal and external complete…One of the inner most lens has a crack in it, but I just turned it to the side , and it didn’t effect anything. This is it’s only damage.

The wire is solid and in great shape, as is the toggle bakelight switch.

I bought this from a retired photographer, who collected cameras, and this one was one he used in his shop to teach people how camera lenses worked and to show them their slides…One at a time, but it is such a fun little machine, I had to have it.

Very heavy, made of solid metal and has multiple glass (Internal) lenses.

This Enlarger:

$125.00+ Shipping

Email me HERE to purchase this vintage enlarger!

Way freaking cool…What will you do with it?

Can’t wait to find out.

Have a great day, check back soon…We still have cameras, vintage clocks, vintage toys, vintage comic books, vintage transistor radios and vintage clothes….All coming up in the


sell off!

I am willing Universe.. I am willing to go the distance for what I want.

Light my fuse…

go ahead. I dare you.

Beware, If you are NOT Cool enough to dig

the shit out of my Kool Stuff

these freaking cool static art/vintage camera collection(s)

I will Still sell it to you

see wasn’t that easy?


Swish-swish goes the tail.

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