BAD! Kitty New Art & a little StoneWall Society Action

BAD! Kitty A New A.I.M. Magnet!
‘Nod to the Master’
It’s a large size magnet
8.5″ X 11″
Nod to the Master is all about learning that I am always where I need to be, doing what I need to do, at my highest level at all times.
I am a quantum machine.
I create reality.
What do you do that brings your highest self forward?
Think about that.
And Yes this is my work and the Master’s words combined.
Oil Pastels on 120# acid free paper
and then laminated into
wonderfulness! With MAGNETS! Just so You can stick
your power anywhere
where you like!
It will be on the web site soon for sale soon, look for it. Or as with all BAD! Kitty Blogger sneak peeks…You can email me and claim it before it goes on formal public sale
I understand the need for speed when it hits home, so email away if you feel the BAD! Desires take over. To read more about my ongoing A.I.M. project hit the link up above or here it is again…For your ease…
Be Bold! GO!

This is the totally cool card holder I designed for the upcoming show I will be in at the

Pride in the Arts Festival!

A StoneWall Society Program

So it’s going to be this great gathering of terrific folks from all walks of life coming together to be PROUD of being themselves and HUMAN

and being the change…Not being the change on the American Morality issue but to being the change of being TRUE Humans gender, creed, and all other labels being pulled off real quick like a band-aid to the AWAKE folks in the world today.

And besides this is NOT a lifestyle/moral fucking issue (pardon the pun) people!

It’s a Civil Rights ISSUE, and if you think it don’t affect you or your life or your world/reality… you are wrong.


I so ROCK ON that issue to the point that my regular readers probably don’t want to hear about it anymore… I am sure, so I’ll move on.

But I was real proud of how it turned out (the card holder) so I made a template and made notes on what I did, so I can do it again for other shows…I have been trying to come up with a design that is useful, cool looking and durable.

It is of course completely laminated…Because of the location of the show…And because I love running stuff through that machine!

I just thought you guys might like to see it too, those of you

(like me :(…)

that can’t attend the event itself…And also for you other artist out there that might like to use the idea in your shows…I was able to fit 100 biz cards inside the pocket and it did not look too full, well I didn’t think so anyway.

So go to the festival if you can…

And I am off to shake the money tree and see what falls out.

Universe…Me again asking for what I want…

Yep, that’s me. You can’t miss me,

because I am not average.


let it be.

Don't be shy!

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