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Quote for the day
I never had any other desire so strong, and so like covetousness, as that . . . I might be master at last of a small house and a large garden, with very moderate conveniences joined to them, and there dedicate the remainder of my life to the culture of them and the study of nature.

Abraham Cowley
This family wants and needs a REAL home. We have been Nomads since the collapse of our town and economy 5 years ago…living well for nomads for sure, but still having to move every year or two SUCKS! And I hate it. And I can’t paint or dig up the yard for an Organic farm whenever I want to…and well I hate RENTing…it SUCKS. I want and deserve my own home again. We have worked hard to get where we are today, we had a five year goal to “make-over” ourselves and have rung all the accomplisment goal bells in three years of hard focused effort…I ready for the next step.
I want to move.
South to my Roots…And we hear the call of the wild pulling at us…
we want back out of this city, out of any city. I need land and woods and animals and earth!
We are simple folks, that wish to lead simple lives.
Dear Universe, I ask humbly for one of these recent opportunities to work out for our little tribe.
I see the possibilities, I see the desire, I only need confirmation that this is the right course of action for my career (which is exploding, btw! Yippee!)
and my family (which is Incredible and all important),
and all the while trying to empty myself of desire for things I can not have.
To want nothing more than what I already have…
but, thing is Universe…no matter how hard I try not to think about it…the fact remains that this is what I WANT:
I really want a little home and business in the southern part of the USA…That’s what I really want.
I want to move from Oregon.
I want to go South.
I want to go.
Let it be.
Let it be that I come to terms with what is possible
what is feasible
what is prudent
what is risk
what is adventure
what is this life for?
It’s mine.
I want something that is defined now.
Watch out, I usually get what I really want.
If it is possible I usually can make things happen, just by desire and persistence…
but this is different, this involves asking the entire unit that is my family to pick up and move cross country…
I’ve got balls of brass, I know we would make it…
but is fair to ask the children? Is it fair to ask the Mate Man? Is it fair to ask my Art career to Continue even if I move out to the back woods somewhere USA?
Is my desire coming from my highest self?
I want to go home.
Is this a good move fo the kids?
The two locations that have caught our attention both have great schools, and we are prepared to homeschool no matter where we land…If need be. We are in charge ultimately of our sons education, and we will make sure they are more than properly educated where ever we land.
Can I still push my career farther down it’s path?
I can paint and create anywhere…anytime…From anything. And am already quite successful at selling and continuing my art…and I have less than 3% of my volume of collectors here in my area…75% of my largest colloctors are in the South. (the rest are sprinkled all over the states but, I have artwork in all but 7 states now… #2 runner up in BAD! Kitty art is Canada, followed by Australia and Tokyo!))
Is it fair to all involved?
We will have more time together in this plan,
together…Which is my fondest desire…To be with Mate Man again everyday running our own lives and company. We miss it terrible, and we were great at it when we did it all those decades together 24/7 working…I loved that time in our life, and miss it with a passion I didn’t expect, untill it was really gone, and we came into the city and started the grind…of ordinary life….
My goal for working as hard as I do, has always been so that Mate Man can come home and work HERE, with me…Where he should be, by my side.
So this would be doing that, and we would go back to being really, really poor by most peoples standards…at least comapred to what we are doing now…
Things in this life hold so little interest for either of us anymore….That we don’t care about any of it anymore…We have had it all, lost it all…Got it all back, and then gave it all away…Because we use things as tools, or fuel….But not weight or obligation.
Not anymore.
We are free of wanting, we focus on needs.
I am a flurry of thinking.
Of manifesting.
Of creating opportunity.
Of wrecking havoc.
Of Living fully engaged…
in a fuzzy orange
meme of understanding and thinking…thinking in orange today.
I am aligning myself with the universal spirit, and as I do
I become less and less dependent upon
the human definition of reality, and more dependent
upon my own.
Let it be.
Let me be heard, and seen in my blazing state.
Come to me.
I’m Radiant today,
PS. Please buy some art, I am so close to a down payment (saving every penny from every sale for two years) to really doing it, being able to really have my very own home again…so buy some art and watch an American Dream Come true…Hell if you buy art You are Helping to Making it Happen!
Thank you for your support.

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