BAD! Kitty Good Deed

Sorry Folks! It’s GONE…took 15 minutes on Etsy!
THIS is a Pay it Forward listing! You can only get it here…or just hit the header, or the picture… If you “buy” this item, I will send it to you, for FREE, with no S&H just ingnore all that stuff… but you must promise to continue to pay it forward yourself someday, for someone else. You will? Scouts honor? Pinky Swear? Know what happens if you Pinky Swear and then go back on it right? I get to keep the pinky….so we are clear on this… you promise to do a random act of goodness…Ok? Good, then here’s my offer for a Universal random act of goodness. Let it be found by the one who most needs it, with love…Just me.
Take A.I.M. At Your Destiny!A: Affirmation I: Inspiration M: Motivation

Large, Medium & Small , flat magnets.To help inspire, motivate, laugh at & Live with this reality we share.Completely laminated, so they will hold up to any spills, stains, exploding blenders, with a simple wipe! Fun Huh? Well I thought so too…So being as smart as I am 🙂 I made them for you!They will be made in various sizes,but almost any image you see you can requestin a different size and I can make it for you, just ask.Prices include shipping inside the USA (up to two (2) in one package for the same price).International buyers please contact me for FREE exact shipping quote, I will ship Worldwide!Now go shop and have FUN!Check Back often, I will be putting more of these up daily,I am not mass producing them, I have just been making them for years, and have a huge stock pile. I will make each image at least one time in each size…I have not decided on that yet, so it’s not written in stone.Each is hand made and signed (on the back) and come with COA’s.So just take a look, I have tons more I’ll be adding, daily.Also, did I mention that I am offering FREE SHIPPING inside the USA!

Just in case you missed the links…
that’s the only way to get it for FREE…NO S&H, nothing… Nada…Zip.

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