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Quote for the day
My pride and my power of vision were all that I owned when I started – and whatever I achieved, was achieved by means of them. Both are greater now. Now I have the knowledge of the superlative value I had missed: of my right to be proud of my vision. The rest is mine to reach.

Ayn Rand
Proud and restless
prowling the corners
the back closets of my
Connective tissues
weblike and
melding the halves
into a whole.
I am reaching
I have a
finger hold
toes streching for
I cling.
I am me.
I know who I am.
I am what I make of myself.
Author of my destiny.
I see my horizon
and I paddle
my little boat
harder into the wind.
I will never stop.
How can I not be me?
How can I go backwards…
I don’t want to go back.
I am
not a number,
a speck,
anything that can be defined.
I am just me.
That’s it.
Come what may
I know this truth to be
self evident.
I continue.
Watch me sweat,
Watch me BURN.
Raw today…And creating a fire
that I can rise from
and fly away
to a place where
color is emotion,
texture is definition,
form is everything…
today I create.
Call it.
I thank you Universe for what I have, and I want what I have.
I am proud of
who I am
Warts and All.
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