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Bad, Bad Art: “Fischl: Change in Gallery System
2Blowhards lately found a quote by 1980s art star Eric Fischl in the local Hampton Jitney Magazine (article not online) that would have been very easy to miss:
What has changed over these last decades is the gallery system. Galleries are in transition now because of the art fairs, auction houses, and the internet. Primary dealers are becoming obsolete. Younger artists understand this implicitly and so don’t tie themselves down to one dealer. They are generally more entrepreneurial than my generation was.
Also, collectors are driving the art world more now than in the past. They are able to find young artists before dealers and curators find them. In fact, dealers and curators look to collectors to see who they should be paying attention to. That has been a big change.
The downside is that the new collectors don’t seem to know or care that much about the history of art and so approach art in much the same manner as they do their business. They look for trends. They try and corner markets. They buy low and sell high. They treat art as a commodity. It is what they know and what they best. Good for business, bad for art.
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