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Quote for the day
“The longer I live and the more experience I have of the world, the more I am convinced that, after all, the one thing that is most worth living for – and dying for, if need be – is the opportunity of making someone else more happy and more useful. “
Booker T. Washington
What is being for me today?
I sit
ponder why am I here?
possibilities fill
the empty spots in
my heart with
I commune with my truth with my
finding Grace and
asking her to stay for tea.
As we sit and talk in
and the shapes of my
inner world…
she is my observer
riding on my shoulder
giving strength where before there was
I am the bird that
sits in the tree outside
your window
and never stops singing at all.
I am the proof.
I am a symbol of hope.
I am just me.
See Me.
Raw and Radiant!
What are you thinking about today while you work?
Are your questions bringing you closer to not knowing but understanding and loving yourself more fully?
My circle is round today,
and for today I am grateful.
Be well, Be Bold,
I am on Fire.
See Me Burning? Feel my heat.
Taste the Steele of my blade if you are on the outside of my safe circle, feel the warmth of my unconditional love if you are on the in. Healthy ruthlessness, and unconditional love are possible if you accept that they can exits at the same time.
BURN Heather Burn.
Yours in the moment,

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