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Quote for the Day
There is a fundamental law that the tissue of the human body will waste away through idleness and disuse. Conversely, muscles and vessel that are stressed grow and increase in capacity. This same basic law also applies to spiritual and intellectual growth and can be achieved only by continual nourishment and effort in day-to-day living.
I am working all day on a new art “show”.
Commitment is hard, sticking with it after a long week of hard work, and getting it all done…It’s not easy, but I do
about my current work…And the big “show” for private guests
of a local big wig…Fingers crossed, and relaxing…
I prepare for the event with mixed feelings.
It’s a small but important event, and I am looking forward to being in front of people and talking about my work again, after a year off from shows, gallery openings, and events in general.
Now I have a lot of work to share and explore.
It’s fun, and scary and
FUN…Because it’s my proof in the pudding.
I’ll never stop.
There will be no end to my life’s work.
I am SO programmed for LIVING!
So all best to all of you out there today,
say break a leg for me tonight,
and have a wonderful Holiday weekend.
I will be busy all weekend, Saturday with Consulting for Clients, and Sunday I Rest… So I won’t be blogging again till Monday…Ebay Auctions closing Soon!!! Check out may sales and specials.
Later Tators!
Heather/Sybil Ann

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