BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New ART ~# 10 in ZaadZ series

BAD! Kitty New Art!
ZaadZ # 10
“Hungry little girl”
12″ X 16″ acrylic, mixed media on canvas board
Float mounted, needs no frame, ready to hang or sit on a table easel.
Will be going over the originals page, on my site for sale, and maybe then over to the Ebay for sale.
Ok, here’s the original poem that I wrote myself, (first time I have ever included just my own writing on a work and I left it as I found it folded in an old journal, spelling errors and all, it was 1997, and I did not have spell check yet!)
“Hungry Little Girl”
In ancient forest, a
crystalline glen sleeps heavy
wrapped in downy
kisses of sacred secrets.
Tiny footprints leave
a glimmering path, showing
the way back
from where passion grows.
A flutter of wings
the dust settles on salty skin
saucers of warm
molasses for our eyes.
The crocus opens
it’s hungry throat to the sun,
the fairies will
dance for their supper.
Heather Brown Truman 1997
There it is folks…
Raw and radiant, bring a lunch and sunglasses,
I am blazing a trail,
I’m easy to spot…Screw doubt, Screw fear,
beautiful oblivion, and CareFree Insanity.
Much Love,

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