BAD! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All Quote for the Day

Bad! Kitty Art Studio & Sybil Ann Tells All
Quote for the day
In the study of ideas, it is necessary to remember that insistence on hard-headed clarity issues from sentimental feeling, as it were a mist, cloaking the perplexities of fact. Insistence on clarity at all costs is based on sheer superstition as to the mode in which human intelligence functions. Our reasoning grasp at straws for premises and float on gossamers for deductions.
~Alfred Whitehead
That’s the Crab Nebula as seen from Hubble, just recently, in the last year… Pretty cool huh?
That picture reminds me I am small and
just a speck…And I am the nebula, because I can see it, I am part of it, it is part of me. The cosmic cell memory of my beginning…And end.
So much Cosmic dust set aglow.
Watch me Burn.
Raw and radiant,
Be Bold today, We are all made of the same stuff, isn’t it pretty?
Heather/Sybil Ann

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