Post #365! And New Art ZaadZ Series #6 Love Me Box

Bad! Kitty New Art!
ZaadZ #6 “Love Me Box”
Little collaged and painted box for keys or other small stuff…has a little bell inside, vintage and found on one of my walks….
I hope you like it. More Info to0 come about it soon!
I Will try for better pictures soon, too.


  1. pinky
    March 13, 2006

    you were sent here to torture me, weren’t you? your one secret mission is to create art that moves me deeply and makes me go broke buying everything you have. you know what? it’s a good goddam thing that you live 2500 miles from me because if i lived any closer, i would move my ass into your studio and wait (not so patiently i might add) for you to produce more work, for me!!!ranting aside: this is amazing and i love it. i love the saying, i love the fairy on the front, i love the simplicity of the interior. all of it. you did it again, grrl, you did it again…

  2. HMBT
    March 13, 2006

    Deep Bow…thank you!Much Love,Heather


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